Hi, everyone. I know it’s been a while and I’ve debated not acknowledging our absence, to pretend like we were never gone. But now I feel it’s worth mentioning, at least so you know about the massive changes we’ve made moving forward. 

Firstly, most of you may know that my partner, Hugh, and I started this brand together. However, the pandemic has forced us to reassess our situation. Hugh will be taking a step back while I helm the brand and take it forward in my own direction. We’re still very much working together but have chosen to support each other in different ways not only as business partners but also as spouses. We’ve come a long way from when we first started telling Boy Mode’s story and moved into our first studio. 

A few years later we no longer feel the name Boy Mode represents who we are and the kind of conversation we’d like to have with you. For this reason, we’ve chosen to operate under the new name Studio Luho.

 A part of my personal journey as a designer has been finding my place as a Filipino immigrant in Western society. That starts with acknowledging my Filipino-Spanish roots. Luho translates to luxury, it is not tied down by genders or binaries and is not defined by price point but rather by an experience. 

The experience is the journey I want to take you on with each new collection. Journey… that word. It’s something I’ve held so near and dear to my heart these past few years I’ve been designing clothes for all of you. So it’s no surprise the idea of a journey has become the next theme of the new collection we’re about to announce. 

Please stay tuned to our feed as we have loads more to tell you in the next coming weeks. Thanks for reading. ✌️

- Yavi

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