Studio Luho X Olando Brando

Studio Luho X Olando Brando

Last post we revealed our first piece from the Wander collection - a foundational, quintessential tee. This time, it's with great delight that I'm proud to introduce Studio Luho's first collaboration.

Each piece has been meticulously hand-knitted with a focus on greener materials and innovative techniques.

Think your grandmother's knitting machine, except hacked to "print" any design you want. Now mix that with sustainable yarns and slow fashion and you've got a considerably lesser environmental impact in a unique designer piece. That's what this collaboration is about.

Tom is a queer knit designer based in Melbourne, Australia. They're best known for their unique colour palettes and signature patterns that they knit into wearable garments using a program they designed all on their own.

When we debut our new collection Wander at the Big Design Market on Dec.2-4 at the Royal Exhibition Centre in Carlton, this will be your chance to collect one of Tom's signature chain sweaters in a limited edition colourway.

Thanks for reading. Till next time!
Yavi ✌🏻
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