Last time we introduced our limited edition collab piece with super fab knitwear designer @olandobrando. This week we're dropping a design I've been wanting to produce for a while now. Let me take you through it.

So a while back, before the rebrand, we did a collection called "I Just Want To Go To Japan" (still haven't been 😭) and one of my favourite pieces from that collection was a full-body harness.

The piece was inspired by Shibari amongst other things but the real value of the piece was being able to experience wearing it. It was designed to give the wearer a sense of tension and restraint. I guess it's no surprise that I had to include some kind of fetish-inspired piece for Wander.

Our Restraint Tank was inspired by a simple leather harness, the kind you'd find in any adult store, but the details of which have been diffused into a tank you could wear on any day with any outfit.

I love the power of this design -the idea of going to work with this tank underneath your button-up, inconspicuous yet providing some layering. Then after work, you abandon the suit and tie and simply strip down to your trousers and this tank and you're ready to go clubbing. ✨🌈

Come try on this tank along with the rest of the pieces from our new collection Wander, debuting at the Big Design Market from Dec.2-4 at the Royal Exhibition Centre in Carlton.

Thanks for reading. Till next time!
Yavi ✌🏻
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