Last blog post I mentioned we’d be announcing some very exciting news! Well, here it is: Please come visit us as we exhibit our latest collection "Wander" and present the work we've been developing over the last 6 months at The Big Design Market.

The Big Design Market will return to the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton on 2-4 December 2022 with over 200 exciting exhibitors selling designer homewares, hand-made ceramics, limited-edition art prints, Australian-made fashion, unique jewellery, stationery and much more!

In lieu of this announcement, we'd also like to reveal the first design from our latest collection.

When thinking of the first piece I wanted to work on for the Wander collection, I decided that creating an essential would be a good place to start. More than something timeless and classic, I wanted it to be the foundation of the experience that is Studio Luho.

A white t-shirt, haughtily debated as something so common and mundane. Perhaps not something to pay too much attention to, nor pay too much for. But have you ever witnessed an attractive signature? A well-refined signature makes the calibre of the signatory explicit and the experience is simply "je ne sais quois". Well, the same case can be made about a simple white tee. Much like a signature, everyone has one. And much like a signature, our calibre is made explicit by the foundational pieces we choose to wear.

That’s why our Aesthete’s Tee is proudly made in Australia using 100% natural fibres. It’s style lines and proportions refined over months of study and sampling, constructed by some very talented local craftsfolk. The overall box shape being absolutely flattering on most figures.

I can't wait to show you the next few designs over the next few months. Stay tuned to this feed.

Thanks for reading. Until next time. ✌️
- Yavi
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